Latest News

  • EPILOQUE // 17 December

    an audio-visual release concert

    13th December 2016
  • Violet Moon out now!

    The fourth single is out now!

    16th September 2016
  • Blue Velvet Gem out now!

    The first live Gem recording at our own studio

    4th March 2016
  • The Way documentary online!

    Check out our 2015 behind the scenes documentary

    28th December 2015
  • The Way EP out now!

    Click here to listen the whole EP

    28th December 2015
  • “The Way”

    11th December: We present you a cinematic live show at Lab111

    23rd November 2015
  • Sorry Eyes EP out now!

    Click here to listen the whole EP!

    15th June 2015
  • Slick Steve EP out now!

    FInally the full EP is released on all the online portals!

    28th March 2015
  • Slick Steve released!

    Our first single is out now on bandcamp!

    5th March 2015
  • Behind the scene

    Watch the video of our studio recording session of Slick Steve

    26th February 2015
  • Slick Steve EP OUT SOON

    Click here to check out the video teaser!

    12th February 2015
  • New upcoming gigs

    Check the upcoming gigs for 2015 in our agenda below

    8th February 2015
  • website online

    Check out our new website

    7th February 2015

Tour dates


  • violet-moon

    Violet Moon

    The fourth single

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  • Blue Velvet Cover1200x1200 (1)

    Blue Velvet GEM

    The first live Studio Gem Session

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  • 12291763_1807764719450518_7565714133527862152_o

    The Way EP

    Including remixes from Digital Primate, Genii, MJ Collision and Triipin Jaguar

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  • profile ep artwork sorry eyes

    Sorry Eyes EP

    Including remixes of Arjuna Schiks, Canson and Madmotormiquel

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  • SlickSteveEP

    Slick Steve EP

    Including remixes of Charles Davos, Daniel Zuur and  Satori.

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Bridging the divide between dance, jazz, funk, rock and the growing dance music movement, Dialoque is an electro jam bound to sound different and take the live electronic scene by storm. The band is an exchange of melodic phrases that blur the lines between genres, and allow its blend of synthetic, electronic and organic sounds to fill up any room.

With musicians from all sorts of backgrounds and genres, Dialoque has evolved into creating sounds with a strong foundation, in which the band is able to let go from, and capture the essence of a wholly unique, this-is-happening-here-and-now experience.

By creating jams through improvisation, and by embracing serendipity, the band is able to impact their audiences through melodic and emotional progressive sets. In this way, spontaneity is the main element that sparks an interaction between the band and its audience – a rhythmic dialogue between the artist and the public, with catchy melodies and harmonious riffs, is then created. Dialoque’s music is therefore truly about the live set experience, as each performance gives away to an entire different jam – a pleasant surprise for both the listeners as for the band.

The name Dialoque derives form the musical give-and-take in which every instrument is able to surpass the limits of its unique style, exploring musical chances, which come and go and become tangible at the moment.



Small Talk is a music platform based in Amsterdam. Creating & releasing sound waves full of risk. We are providing a stage for innovative artists, or sound sculptors with tastefully experiments. Words are giving way to a musical sense and trying to make a dialoque with the public. Aiming for the electro-acoustic scene of this time and always exploring all boundaries.